• Its tight, uniform canopy results in an excellent putting surface

    MiniVerde® provides an unparalleled putting surface for golfers with a consistent and smooth ball roll that’s ideal for putting greens, tees, and surrounds. Championship courses around the world are choosing MiniVerde® for the fastest putting surface available.

  • Durable surface that will withstand high traffic areas

    MiniVerde® Bermudagrass has fewer issues of over-thatching and produces more true roll than other varieties. Additionally, its stolon growth pattern is deeper in the soil and its root system is more aggressive, allowing it to handle the winter months better. Additionally, the grass withstands highly trafficked areas very well and maintains its color, given its highly stoloniferous, high shoot density. It adapts well to a variety of soil types and performs well when irrigated with poor quality water.

  • No-Till Ultradwarf

    The no-till process allows us to cost-effectively renovate and establish new putting green surfaces without disrupting the integrity and contours of a green. Simply put, the existing turfgrass will be killed and a new grass planted into the greens without removing significant parts of the putting area. It’s a more cost-effective process that also saves time, as the preparation can be done quickly and it has a fast grow-in rate. We will survey your golf course greens to ensure they are agronomically suitable for this type of conversion, looking closely at how the surface drains, its shade, and layering. We’ve proven ourselves in successfully converting many golf courses through the no-till process.

  • Additional features include:

    • Fastest putting surface of all Bermuda grasses
    • Quick establishment
    • Deep rooting
    • Moderate fertility requirement
    • Excellent color retention
    • Great recovery from ball marks
    • Moderate shade tolerance
    • Great disease resistance
    • Less maintenance required